Russia's attack on Ukraine gives a comprehensible benefits of renewable energy in our environment

A fire at Europe’s biggest nuclear power station at Zaporizhzhia is put out, with Ukraine accusing Russia of “nuclear terror” in shelling the plant.

Russian troops later take over the site of the reactors, which generate a fifth of Ukraine’s electricity, after firefighters say they were prevented from reaching the blaze for hours. 

We are witnessing history unremitting itself. America and our allies have once more been thrust into a conflict inseparably linked to the world's addiction to fossil fuels. But if we listen well to the warning and conclusive act now, it could be the last such global conflict. U.S. leadership for rapid national and global expansion of clean, sustainable renewable energy will increase our energy security, economic security and environmental security, the key elements that underpin our national security and quality of life.

Zelensky said this on Friday while confirming Russia’s shelling at Ukraine nuclear power plant overnight.

A fire burned for some hours at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, the largest of its kind in Europe, after shelling from Russian forces prompted widespread concern about the safety of Ukraine’s atomic infrastructure.

The blaze, located in a training building on the site’s perimeter, started early on Friday morning and was extinguished at about 6.20 am Ukraine time.

“Europe must wake up now,” Zelensky said in a video statement on Friday.

“The largest nuclear station in Europe is on fire. Right now, Russian tanks are shelling nuclear units. Those are the tanks that have thermal vision, so they know where they are shelling.

“If there will be an explosion, it will be the end to all of us, the end of Europe, the evacuation of Europe" 

With the insecurity activities cause by this our recent nuclear power war, makes the international students beg for their life,

Shivangi Shibu, a 25-year-old medical student from India, was woken up in her university hostel at dawn on Saturday by loud explosions. She stated that “My day started with the sound of missiles or bombs at 5am, then we heard street fighting, gunshots. We were all running towards the bunker panicking. And then again around 10am [we heard] another bomb,” the student recounted.

“We are scared and mentally exhausted,” she said, adding that there are about 700 Indian students stranded in the city.

So far students have been relying on the hostel’s supplies of food, as well as the university’s stocks, but water has been cut in the city for three days, forcing them to melt snow to drink and to cook with.

Putin's actions in Ukraine will have serious consequence  to energy markets across the world. Even previous to Russia's attack, volatile oil prices and natural gas prices increase in response to the threat, causing a fuel Scancity in most developing countries such as Nigeria and the Biden administration must now balance whether to impose sanctions on Russia's gas exports while Americans already face higher energy costs driven by inflation and the risky global markets that control oil and gas prices.

Yeah we know the solutions to all that, at least it can solve 85% of our problem right now, No one country owns the sun or the wind, resources that also happen to be infinite. Removing fossil fuels as a tool of power for dictators must be oue priority for the progress of some countries.  

For the United States, energy independence must mean clean, renewable, independent energy. The fate of our national security - and position in the world now join to how seriously we commit to building a clean energy economy. 

 Climate change is happening now, and it’s the most serious threat to life on our planet. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to climate change, they are well-understood.

Keep fossil fuels in the ground: Fossil fuels include coal, oil and gas – and the more that are extracted and burned, the worse climate change will get. All countries need to move their economies away from fossil fuels as soon as possible.

Invest in renewable energy:  Changing our main energy sources to clean and renewable energy is the best way to stop using fossil fuels. These include technologies like solar, wind, wave, tidal and geothermal power.

Switch to sustainable transport: Petrol and diesel vehicles, planes and ships use fossil fuels. Reducing car use, switching to electric vehicles and minimising plane travel will not only help stop climate change, it will reduce air pollution too.

Lastly Passing a bold and far-reaching domestic clean energy policy may be the greatest step we can take right now to ensure both our national and energy security in this time of uncertainty. Rather than a myopic short-term focus on oil and gas, Congress should be thinking about and acting to ramp up renewable energy production as soon as possible and reduce demand by increasing energy efficiency across all sectors of our economy.

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