d-light solar Nigeria celebrates a great leader

Some leaders lead with force, Others with micromanaging while yet others (like you) lead with inspiration, your confidence in your employers is not only motivating but has also created strong company loyalty among us all. 

On his daily achieved goals, such as promoting all forms of energy efficiency and improve such activities to be of benefits to D-light solar company Nigeria as well as the suitability that lies in the heart of it, the combined goal of reducing energy consumption and increasing the proportion of D-light solar energy products supply that comes from a renewable energy sources makes a global effort in the reduction of global warming and also offers both the local economic and social benefits of the product.

With this goals, Mr Kenneth Esenwah, the managing director of D-light solar Nigeria makes it possible for Nigerian to benefits well on this great opportunity by distributing the sol
r lanterns targeted at BOP consumers and also engaged unemployed youth and women in Nigeria as community-level distributor and retailers of D-light solar lanterns.

Yeah! With alot of his good deads which includes making it possible to open many branches around Nigeria, such as Benin, Abuja etc.. making it easier to access the products, it have solve at least 50% of our poor access to electricity in Nigeria via an environmentally suitable approach which will improve quality of life for the BOP.

He also brought solution for students and businesses in Nigeria to access electricity in their daily activities..

Being a great leader and he is always available to develop and execute the company's business strategies, providing strategies Advice to the board and chairpersons and he also prepare and implement the best comprehensive business plans to facilitate the growth of the company makes him the best of all, both to the company and also inspire us the youth to be humble, ready to learn, work hard and pray! 

Dear sir, only the lucky one like us get a great leader like you, best wishes to you and more wisdom to guide us your employers Amen!

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