The Malaysia government tends to select a 30 solar project worth capacity of 823 MW

The Malaysia energy department has announced earlier about the shortlisted bidders of the upcoming (4th round) large scale procurement scheme.

In their selection, the 1st section which contains 20 project with a capacity of 10 and 30MW, the assigned capacity gives a budget of 323.06MW and the range from 0
.1768 ($0.049)kWh to RM 0.2481/kWh

The 2nd section was a project capacity between 10 projects with a capacity between 30 and 50MW the budgeted capacity is 500MW and the bids range from RM 0.1768 ($0.0429)/kWh to RM 0.1970/kWh.

Professional technicians will have until the end of 2023 to get their solar farm plants connected to the grid.

Renewable energy resources available in Malaysia are biomass, solar, mini-hydropower, municipal waste and biogas. Among them, the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water state that the huge potential renewable energy at Malaysia is biomass and solar energy.

The planned project gives Malaysia the new record, when it comes to renewables, such as solar energy.

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