The new Wales state independent planning commission approved a project of 200MW with a 300MW lithium ion battery storage

The New Wales state independent planning commission has approved a project of 200MW solar farm with a 300MW Lithium-ion battery storage.

Covid19 pendemic has delivered the government the largest reduction in Australia's greenhouse gas emissions taking power since 2013, making the Australia electricity emissions fell by 4.5% as the wind and solar continued to grow in the midst.

The project was based on a 149 hectare site at about 16km south of Bonshaw, near inverell.

The project giving a total of AUD 238 Million (US$176. 8million) with the estimation of generating electricity to over 70, 000 homes and the industry and environment planning commission has finalized it's whole assessment of the project/development subject to a certain condition, which is 

The commission must agree with the department assessment with the environmental planning commission with a public interest. 

GIGA expected the project to be done by mid 2022 to be able to deliver electricity to the national electricity market (NEM) and it's expected to support the common wealth and also NSW government in achieving their respective renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction target.

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