Panasonic has finally launched it's evervolt storage system

The inverter manufacturers Pika Energy and Panasonic partner together to develop a Harbor smart battery that dramatically reduces a solar storage complexity.

Panasonic cooperation formerly known as the Matsushita Electric industrial Co LTD founded by Kònosuke Matsushita in 1918 as a socket manufacturer, also a Japanese multinational electronic companies headquatered in Kadoma.

For some of the answers to today's challenges and difficulties, we are looking forward at the natural source provided to us by God which is the sun.

Panasonic company also partnered with Ericsson to bring on Lithium-ion batteries to Ericsson energy as a service solution, reducing the total cost of ownership by 20%.

In accordance to the environment vision 2050 publicized in June 2017 Panasonic has undertaken various effect to establish zero CO2 emission factories, by achieving all these, the PETEC promotes various initiative by utilizing advanced energy management systems by further adopting renewable energy such as geothermal heat and technologies that can absorb, separate and utilize CO2 emitted by fossil fuels. 

Panasonic has finally launched it's evervolt storage system since September 2019 and the battery capacity is ranging from 5.7kwh up 34.2kwh and it's 17.1kwh last for 6 hours while it's 17.1kwh last for 9 hours.

The solar panels will initially be available in USA market starting from February.

The 2 modules with the power output of 370W-380W and it's efficiency is ranging from 20.6% to 21.2% while the 2nd power output is 360W-370W and with efficiency of 20-20.6%.
The 2 modules have a temperature coefficient of -0.26%.

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