Germany government is working together with the Europe government to produce an increase in renewable energy

The Europe academy based on their 33GT carbon research for Europe to estimate the world can afford to emit a maximum of 800GT of CO2 between 2018 and 2050 to have a better chance of limiting a global warming.

A staff from Aarhus University Denmark on her daily occasion to Germany karlsruhe institute of technology, the cheapest way to achieve that is to make a progress of installing more solar energy and wind turbine now.

Danmark been the world leading country in wind energy production and wind turbine production had a target of producing 30% of all it's energy needs for renewable energy by 31st December 2020.

The country has it's goal of using renewable to achieve all their needs by 2050, having a connection with Germany that it's renewable energy is mainly on solar, wind and biomass.

Vestas wind system company has it's domestic base to have a revenue of making €363 billion, with more than enough employee by 2050. 

Germany, United States, Sweden and Norway wind power alone can generate 47% of Danmark's electricity. 

Germany on its own has been called the world first major renewable energy economy, they share electricity of 3.4% consumption with Denmark in 2005, making it 42.1% now gross consumption of electricity by 31st December 2020.

Germany had been recorded as the world largest PV installed capacity as of 2020 that has 49GW.

According to official figures, around 370,000 people were employed in the renewable energy sector in Germany and Danmark since 2019 till date. This is over twice the number of jobs in 2018 (160, 500).

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