WMG and Senergy Innovations Ltd make partnership to develop the first nanomaterial enabled all polymer solar thermal cell.

The efficiency of solar thermal cells have been limited as the polymer used to manufacture them are poor thermal conductors. 

The thermal properties of the polymers employed are modified such that heat from sunlight can be transferred with high efficiency to heat water in a suitable way. 

The team from WMG and Senergy are working with a group of industry partners focused on manufacturing the solar thermal cells in high volumes. 

Dr Greg Gibbons, at WMG, and his team have brought about the first prototype of the solar thermal cell fully manufactured by 3D printing. This has been able to guide the design and critical aspects of the making of the solar thermal cells. 

"Switching to advanced polymer materials meant a more efficient manufacturing process and more flexible product design. This resulted in the breakthrough of the low cost, low carbon, lightweight smart Senergy panels. Our job now is to ensure they Senergy solar panels become a key part of the smarter built environment and make renewable heating and cooling systems affordable and accessible for everyone," said Christine Boyle, CEO Senergy innovations Ltd.

Culled from STAFF WRITERS. 

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