Tips on Cleaning Solar Panels.

Owning a SunPower® solar system put you among those who reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that harm our environment. But how do you keep the solar installation at top capacity?

These panels are fairly low maintenance. Seasonal rain and snow wash off a good amount of external buildup, but homeowners should do a quick monthly inspection to be sure that their system is at top capacity. 

Dirt and dust don't make a huge impact on production but when these dirt are built over a long period of time, they can reduce production by 25%.

Homeowners can contact professionals to do the job of cleaning their panels as they will do a better job since they have the right tools. But it isn't too hard. 

A soft bristle brush with an extended handle can do the trick for one-storey homes. For rooftops that are not easily accessible, you can use a high-pressure water hose nozzle from the ground at a safe distance. Make sure the solar system is turned off before cleaning and do it in the morning before the heat if the day arrives. 

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