Solar Power is said to be one of the most prominent innovations of mankind—prakash.

With electricity rates shooting high and touching skies, the focus of people is shifting from electrical energy to solar energy. Solar Power has not only become cost-efficient but also energy miser. The use of Solar Power has increased in recent years because of the various benefits they have. 

To create sustainable development, greener environment must be created. Very few people know the benefits which solar power possesses as a reason for which the greater proportion of the population still consumes electrical energy instead of other renewable energies like solar power. However, it is essential that the public is being made aware of the advantages of using solar power.

Solar Energy has become the leading resource of renewable energy. This solar power has expanded across the country. Under the scheme of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, the consumption of Solar Energy has taken its separate place. Solar Energy serves to be the cleanest form of energy. The innovation of solar power is contributing to saving green and going green.

Solar Power is said to be one of the most prominent innovations of mankind. The use of Solar Energy is increasing. Nowadays big complexes, halls, malls, universities are using solar energy as the medium of energy usage and energy conservation. Solar Power cut costs on energy bills or it can be said that it is eco-friendly. Some of the interesting facts about solar energy which create a buzz about its usage are as follows:

Solar Panels can produce electricity without getting the direct sunlight from the Sun: the Sun is the most abundant source of energy for solar panels to produce electricity. However, solar panels can produce electricity even if they do not get direct sunlight from the Sun.

Solar power is efficient is fueling Airplanes: Solar power is efficient in fueling aeroplanes. Apart from home electricity purposes, solar power can be used in providing fuel to aeroplanes. It is the unlimited potential power of solar energy that it is acting as a fuel to aeroplanes.

Installation of Solar Energy can be a community effort: If you find installing solar power in your area to be expensive then, in that case, you can turn out the installation of solar power to be a community effort in your area.

Solar Power reduces CO2 Emissions: Solar energy reduces the emission of CO2 in the air. Solar power translates into clean energy production, which reduces the carbon footprint in the air.

Solar Power can cut off your electricity bills: Installation of solar power can reduce your electricity bills to a huge extent. The overall amount involved in installing solar power reduces the future scope of huge electricity bills to be paid.

The idea of “Going solar” has now become convenient. One does not need to invest huge bucks to install solar power for residential purposes. Due to technological advancement, the setting up of solar power has become quite quick and effective. Some of the most popular uses of Solar Power for Residential Purpose are as follows:

Solar Water Heater: Use of Solar power instead of gas or electricity for water heaters has become prominent. Active and Passive water heater systems are the two types of solar water heaters that can be used to circulate water from rooftop heat collection into a storage tank.

Charging batteries using Solar Power: What can be better than using solar power for charging batteries. Most of the devices are operated using batteries. With technology advancement, many inexpensive solar panel kits can be used to plug in cell phones, laptops for charging.

Solar Energy for cooking: Cooking can be done even with solar power, sounds interesting right! To cook food using solar power all you need is a solar cooker which grabs the sun rays into a cooking chamber.

Solar Energy for lighting purpose: A landscape lighting with individual fitting getting a connection from solar power curtails down the need for underground circuit wiring. The solar panel charges these lights during the day which are illuminated at night time.

There are various manufacturers of Solar Power in the country. Solar Power serves various needs not only in residential purposes but also in various site projects. Solar Power has become a project reality. Also, various solar power products can be used as per the need. 

Prakash offers EPC services to make your solar project a reality. Prakash Gensets provides various solar power products like Solar pumps, solar street lights, hybrid solar PV systems, Standalone PV systems, Grid-tie PV Solar system. 

Here, at PrakashGensets you not only get solar power products but also various other products like generators, submersible machines, welding sets, alternators, electric pump sets, and much more.

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