PV-wind connection at a private substation in France.

Sun'R, PV developer, and wind-power specialist Boralex have plans to connect part of the Cambrai-Niergnies solar project and the Seuil du Cambrésis wind farm to private substation. 

France's Hauts-de-France region is quickly developing renewables, but it is filled with substations, which is holding back the development of clean energy.

Canadian wind specialist Boralex, which operates in Seuil du Cambrésis wind farm, built its own private substation in the town of Proville in 2019. The community, at the end, will manage a total production capacity of 70 MW. 

Antoine Nogier, president and founder of Sun'R said the Sun'R group has always viewed constraints as a source of innovation. Antoine said they will continue to contribute to the energy transition of Hauts-de-France.

Nicolas Wolff, vice-president and general manager of Boralex Europe, also praised the project saying that the connection of Sun'R Power to their station in Proville is an example of agility and creavity and is a success for the joint deployment of wind and solar.

Culled from JOËL SPAES. 

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