Pine Gate Michigan Portfolio interconnect.

Pine Gate Renewables, the North Carolina-based solar developer, took steps to streamline standardization of engineering and procurement across a portfolio of 14 projects in Michigan, which is a fraction of the 500 MW Pine Gate plans to develop in the state. 

"Standardizing the interconnection was definitely part of our strategy to be successful in Michigan. We wanted to eliminate as much uncertainty from construction and commissioning as possible to ensure timely commercial operation of the entire portfolio. The myPV ClearSky interconnection product line wrapped the revenue grade metering, protection, and even Utility communications these projects required in a single pad-mount delivery," said Matt Massarelli, vice president of EPC operations at Pine Gate Renewable.

The myPV ClearSky was developed by LLC (Solar-Ops) and is one of several pad-mount products that are specifically made to help developers and EPCs simplify the construction and operation of large PV solar facilities. 

"Having worked together with Pine Gate on individual projects in 2019, the Michigan portfolio was a real opportunity to demonstrate how interconnection standardization can provide value and savings to our customers," said Ivan Regueira, Director of Business Development. 

ClearSky interconnection removes expensive and time-consuming barriers to commercial operations.

Culled from CHRIS CROWELL. 

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