NSW EPA fines Vales Point Power Station.

Vales Point Power Station, the 42-year-old 1320 MW coal-fired clunker located on the New South Wales Central Coast, has been issued a fine of $30,000. The station was recently tapped for a federal government grant. The Station located at the southern end of Lake Macquarie is operated by Sunset Power International trading as Delta Electricity. The chair of Sunset Power International is Trevor St Baker. The station was fined for licence breaches at the facility relating to contaminated material, including asbestos, allegedly spread on the site. 

Delta, in September 2018, advised Environment Protection Authority (EPA) material classified as general solid waste had been accepted on the site. Delta has been strike with two penalty notices for allegedly causing land pollution and unlawfully using the premises as a waste facility. 

The Nature Conservation Council believes the penalty given is too light for such a serious breach, calling $30,000 "chump change".

"We call on the NSW Government to block the transfer of the federal grant money to Mr St Baker. We urge the federal government instead to spend that money cleaning up the state's energy system," said Nature Conservation Council Campaigns Director Dr Brad Smith. 

Culled from MICHAEL BLOCH. 

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