Australia's largest solar farm has been approved.

Construction of the largest solar farm in Australia, which has been approved by Queensland's Western Downs, is set to begin in 2021.

CleanCo has been contracted to do 80% of the work at the Western Downs Green Power Hub project while NX Horizon, Flex company Nextracker's solar tracker, has been approved for the project. This 460 MW project can power 300,000 Australian homes in a huge boost for the renewable sector. 

"This milestone power plant builds upon Nextracker's existing portfolio of four gigawatts in Australia," Peter Wheale, Nextracker's Auatralia & Oceania managing director said.

This project is a move forward for the Queensland Government's CleanCo's commitment towards its target of constructing 1 GW of newly installed renewable energy by 2025.

The Darlington point solar farm was formerly the largest Australian solar farm. It had a 275 MW output and came online in August 2020. The Nextracker project will take over the Darlington project but it may not be number one for long. A proposed Sun Cable project for the Northern Territory could see a farm spanning an area the size of 20,000 soccer field that will include a 10 GW capacity array of panels as well as 22 GWh in battery storage. 

Other large projects in Australia include the Bungala Solar Power Project in South Australia, the Limondale Solar farm in NSW and the Daydream Solar Farm in Queensland.

Culled from DIGITAL EAGLES. 

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