Australia to start its own renewables-storing lithium-ion batteries production in New South Wales.

Less than a year from now, Australia will start producing its own renewables-storing lithium-ion batteries in New South Wales.

Tomago, on the outskirts of the port of Newcastle, New South Wales, has been chosen to host Energy Renaissance, Australia’s first advanced-manufacturing lithium-ion battery facility.

The “Renaissance One” facility will be the flagship of Energy Renaissance, which plans to ramp up production to 5.3 GWh per year of safe, affordable batteries for Australia and Southeast Asian markets in the coming years.

The site of the AUD 28 million (US$20.1 million) Renaissance One facility has been announced, after five years of developing a product that could contribute to reductions in global warming and help set the Australian economy on the path to clean-tech production.

“We’re in discussions with the federal government to get some funding as part of the Budget, so that we can bring that forward,” thereby creating 1,242 permanent jobs, beyond the initial construction boost, over the coming three to five years, Mark Chilcote – managing director of Energy Renaissance – told pv magazine. “Every job we create will be a catalyst for five jobs upstream in the supply chain.”


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