Energy Action has achieved 20 years of experience and a partnership with Beam Energy Labs.

Energy Action's Solar Auction will enable businesses to access purchase, third-party finance, leasing or power purchase agreements for solar installed on their rooftops or elsewhere on the premises.

Energy Action recently surveyed its database and found out that while 80% of its client came to an agreement that they needed to take action on climate change, 24% adopted net zero as part of their corporate strategy. 

John Huggert, Energy Action CEO said they can already see that changing, and it is likely to underpin the need for renewables solution in the future. He also said he thinks the process that they've developed has aided in managing issues for clients, such that they can now commoditise the actual procurement decision.

The agreement with Beam Solar allows Energy Action to  streamline the process from end to end through an online portal: customers submit a recent enegy data and electricity bill, the system then uses aerial imaging technology to model their optimal onsite solar installation.

Energy Action Chief Technology officer said the system will enable clients to model hundreds of rooftop solar arrangements in seconds, solicit and negotiate and agree contracts.

Huggart said Energy Action Solar Auction's contract options give flexibility to the client to achieve the solar outcomes of reduced energy bills as well as contributing to their net-zero ambition.

Commercial seems to be the fastest growing segment of the Australian solar market. 

At the end of August this year, SunWiz reported 41% increase for both residential and commercial rooftop solar installations over the same period in 2019.

The choice for commercial enterprises on a path to net zero is growing through innovations such as Bright Thinkers Power Stations(BTPS) and the practical integration of technologies by Energy Action. 

Huggart is streamlining the way the company's commercial clients get access to solar energy on their premises. Energy Action has its zero plan, which include its current displacement of the electricity it uses at its premises throughout Australia with bona-fide renewable energy companies contracts supplied by 100% GreenPower.


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