According to the International Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA), the world needs a $2 trillion to secure a green recovery from the pandemic.

IRENA urges governments to more than double annual investment in energy transition technology to $2 trillion from next year to 2023 so it can drive the global recovery from COVID-19.

5.5 million new clean energy jobs can be generated by 2023 with the investment. IRENA said those 2050 employment numbers would add up to 62% more energy 

According to the newest Renewable Energy and jobs report published by IRENA, the solar workforce expanded 4% last year, from 2018 to account for 3.8 million roles in a renewable energy workforce which rose from 11 million in 2018 to 11.5 million last year. 

China led 2.2 million jobs out of the 3.8 million. The United States employed around 240,000 people last year, India employed 204,000 and Bangladesh employed 137,000.

The IRENA report showed that Indian solar workforce fell due to the weaknesses. According to the report, India's Skill Council for Green Jobs has established more than 350 training centers in seven states and trained more than 25,000 solar installers and engineers. 

The figures show some improvement, including attestation that last year's solar gold rush in Vietnam had transformed employment in the sector there, with 56,700 PV related jobs in 2019. The government had anticipated only 45,000 by 2030.

IRENA said Indonesia's bid to install 1GW per year for at least the next four years could drive 22,000 PV jobs. Algeria's plan to install 4 GW of solar capacity could employ 58,000 people. South Korea's 13,800-strong solar workforce in 2018 could  live swelled by 4,500 new employees.

Culled from MAX HALL. 

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